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Wall Art

Are you tired of looking at that blank spot on the wall? Why not stop by and see if we have what you’ve been looking for. Besides your own needs, the category of wall art has become “hot” in the gift world too. Again, our stock changes and rotates but let me give you a few of our popular “regulars”.

  • Mark Twain Prints by Classic Collectibles are perfect for the history buff in your life. Whether looking to decorate a den, an office or over the fireplace, the print of Mark Twain may be just right. Available in four “poses”, these photographs are framed in different manners so the same photo may come in different frame sizes. All of them run from $59.99 to $69.99 except the Mark Twain triage of photos that runs $89.99
  • Old World Christmas has expanded their line of glittery (mainly) Christmas designs that can either stand or be hung. Absolutely lovely, most folks are pleasantly surprised to find that they are only $39.99. The annual best seller seems to always be the Nativity Scene, but all of them are well done and would make an unusual gift whether you are thinking wedding, birthday or Christmas.
  • Word” wall art. What do I mean by this? Perhaps you’ve noticed in the home decor magazines the popularity of putting letters or words on your wall? Ours are black, made of metal, and say a variety of phrases including “Love”, “Celebrate”, “Joy”, “Imagine” and about a half dozen others. One customer shared with us that she very successfully spraypainted the “Dance” to match her daughter’s bedroom. A new line we just got in, also metal, showcases the words in more of a “written” style that flows in a round wire design. A third line of wall art words that we carry is done in wood and is more country in look.
  • Photo/Collage Frames Our new line of wall frames are just wonderful and so reasonably priced. Fitting between 3–9 photographs each, most come in black wood (although we do have one or two in walnut). We think they are great for home or as a gift.
  • Prints by local artist Bernadette Mood come in a variety of sizes and are very inexpensive when you take care of the framing. We also have a very small supply of Bernadette’s original folk art paintings.
  • Danielson Design Signs, from Colorado, are wooden cottage-style rustic signs that often capture the perfect saying. “Delighted You’re Here”, “Home is Where…” and others.

The miniature Danielson Design frames (8.5″ x 2.75″) that are also made in America and have some wonderful (and sometimes humorous) sayings. At just $9.99 each, we are sure there’s at least one that is perfect for your or a friend. We are also working with the fine folks at Danielson Design to carry signs that area regional in nature, celebrating America’s Writer, Mark Twain, and celebrating the beautiful small towns and cities in our region.