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Twain Country Candies & Fudge

Abdallah Chocolates

  • Since 1909, this Minnesota family has been making their smooth creamy chocolate and caramel products. What sold us is their sugar-free candies. We didn’t realize they were sugar free…no aftertaste that you sometimes get with sugar free products….just yummy chocolate or caramel taste.

Twain Country Candies & Fudge: Buttercrunch & Almond Bark

Our three flavors of buttercrunch and the almond bark won’t be available for a while yet as it’s just too hot to transport it! Once the heat wave subsides, we’ll be carrying both the dark chocolate and milk chocolate pecan buttercrunch, the dark chocolate almond buttercrunch and the milk chocolate almond bark. Each 1/2pound box is $13.50 ( and might just be the best buttercrunch or bark you’ve ever tasted! Each will come packaged in our rich dark green or burgundy Twain Country Candies, Elmira New York packaging. So far the four customer favorites are:

  • Dark pecan buttercrunch
  • Milk chocolate pecan buttercrunch
  • Dark chocolate almond buttercrunch
  • Milk chocolate almond bark

We also have one flavor of the pecan buttercrunch available in the one-pound size for $17.50, as supplies last.

Other Edible Delights at The Christmas House

Peppermint Pigs…and other piggie products

Peanut Butter Cup: The PBC Lover’s Size

I don’t know how many “regular” size peanut butter cups would fit into one of our giant sized peanut butter cups, but perhaps the PBC lovers can help me answer that question. Made with rich creamy milk chocolate and the most delicious of peanut butters, this $2.99 sensation makes a terrific little surprise gift for a co-worker or friends, a favorite stocking stuffer, and a unique secret pal gift.

Cocoas, Coffees, Mulling Spices and Tea

Hot Cocoas

Our new individual sized hot cocoa packets are nicely packaged and come in many assorted flavors/packets including:

  • Candy Cane
  • Gingerbread
  • Moose
  • Reindeer
  • Snowman (regular cocoa)

At $1.25 each (or only $1.00 each when you purchase 3 or more), these are hot sellers in the fall and for the holiday season. All of the flavors are good so it will probably be which package theme you like the best that will help you make your decision.

We also have a gift boxed size available in Candy Cane or Gingerbread for $5.99 or the Truffle Cocoa Lovers 12pack flavor combo for $19.99 (great gift idea for your cocoa lover).

Mulling Spices

Our individual packages of mulling spices come in both cranberry and regular. Folks have told us that they have also used the regular mulling spices to sprinkle on their sugar cookies. We told them we just couldn’t imagine such a thing (a thinly veiled attempt to have them “prove it” by bringing us in a batch, but it hasn’t worked so far). The mulling spices are on the same discount deal as our cocoa packets---only $1.00 each when you buy 3 or more of any of the assortment or $1.25 for just one. Maybe you’ll want to put the savings towards one of our beautiful mugs?