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Light Sets

Specialty Lights

Each year our selection of specialty lights changes. Generally, these lights come with 10 lights in a box and are themed. This year’s selection includes:

  • Bubble Lights, Clear 7LT #LT-176494 SOLD OUT
  • Bubble Lights, Multi 7LT #LT-1002 SOLD OUT
  • Bubble Light Multi Replacement Bulbs, 3LT $9.99 #LT-166661
  • Candle, 10LT Clip-On Candle Set LT-73-CA
  • Chili Peppers, 10LT #LT-2620
  • Peppermint Candy, 10LT #LT-2115
  • Shamrock Light Set, 10LT #LT-2306
  • Grapes, Light Green, 100LT #LT-1283-G SOLD OUT
  • Grapes, Purple, 100LT #LT-1283-P SOLD OUT
  • Candle, White Clip-on, 10LT #LT-73-CA
  • Flicker Flame Lights, 10LT #LT-702
  • Gold Ball with Star cut-out shapes, 10LT #LT-67887 SOLD OUT
  • Round Bulb, 15LT from Roman, 15LT #LT-166849 SOLD OUT
  • Pine Cone, 10LT Glittery White Pinecone Set #LT-1335 @ $15.00
  • Purple Glass C9 Bulbs, 25LT #LT-1914-P
  • Red Glass, C9Bulbs, 25LT #LT-1914-R
  • Poinsettia Lights, 35LT #LT-38 MORE ON ORDER


Keep the little ones (and the big ones) safe and secure at night with these fun nightlights.

  • Bubble Light Nightlight, #LT-165570
  • Glitter Santa Nightlight, #LT-52001-B
  • Glitter Snowman Nightlight, #LT-52001-A
  • Lava Lamp Nightlight, #LT-165702
  • Santa Nightlight, #LT-52001-D
  • Snowman Bubble Light/Swivel Plug, #LT-165574
  • Snoopy Bubble Nightlight, #LT-166566
  • Snowman Nightlight, #LT-52001-C

White Cords

  • Blue Lights on White Cord, 100LT #LT-249720 SOLD OUT
  • White Lights on White Cord, 100LT #LT-2609
  • White Lights on White Cord, 10LT #LT-7900 or LT-1587-WC
  • White Lights on White Cord, 10LT #LT-70790 SOLD OUT
  • Icicle Lights, Chasing, on White Cord, 150LT #LT-114390
  • Tiny Bulbs, Clear on White Cord #LT-23384
  • Clear Lights on White Cord, 20LT #LT-288930
  • Red Lights on White Cord, 35LT #LT-2317 SOLD OUT
  • Gold Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-1646269 LOW SUPPLY ALERT
  • Multi Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-1644109
  • Clear Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-2366
  • Purple Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-16494
  • Blue Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-16493
  • Green Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-1643199
  • Multi Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-166301
  • Pink Lights on White Cord, 50LT #LT-645339 SOLD OUT

Green Cords

We won’t list them all here, just the unusual ones, but most of the “regular” green corded light sets come in most colors (Clear, Purple, Gold, Teal, Amber, Pink, Blue, Multi, Green, Red) and are 50Light Sets and run $6.50 - $9.50. The more unusual sets that we sell are:

  • 100LT Set of Clear Lights, Musical #LT-1912-C
  • 100LT Set of Multi Lights, Musical $LT-1912-M
  • 20LT Set of either Clear or Multi Lights, #LT-1539
  • 25LT Set of Red C9 Bulbs, #LT-1914-R
  • 25LT Set of Purple C9 Bulbs, #LT-1914-P
  • 25LT Set of Transparent Purple C9 Bulbs, #LT-2619 LOW INVENTORY ALERT
  • 35LT Set of Poinsettias, #LT-38
  • 50LT Set of Twinkling Clear Lights, #LT-2610 or #LT-65-GC
  • 50LT Set of Orange Lights, #LT-435
  • 50LT Set of Twinkling Green & Red Lights


  • Fading Adaptor, Indoor/Outdoor, $38.50 #LT-3950
  • Flicker Brite Candle, #LT-4020
  • Flicker Flame Replacement Bulb, 3/card #LT-73
  • Halogen Bulb, 12V/10W #LT-166650
  • Halogen Bulb, 12V/20W #LT-166651
  • Halogen Bulb, 12V/35W #LT-166652
  • Halogen Bulb, 12V/50W #LT-166653
  • Jack-o-Lantern, 46″ Display Piece #LT-161820
  • Magic Bulb/Twinkler #LT-2313
  • Moravian Star, 14″ White #LT-166580 LOW INVENTORY ALERT
  • Silicon Bulb, 2/card #LT-186
  • Window/Welcome Candles, Electric and Sensor Operated

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