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lotti dotties

  • The hottest new concept in jewelry! Purchase the pendant, braclet or ring (several styles in each) and buy different magnetic charms to create a different look to match your outfit!
  • “TOO COOL” is what I said when I first say them!

Amanda Blu

  • beads you’ll just HAVE to have for your bracelet
  • the pave (think ULTRA sparkly) ones are the best we’ve seen
  • VERY affordable ($6.99 each)

Silver Forest Jewelry

  • Made in Vermont for over 20 years
  • Nickel-Free
  • Genuine semi-precious stones (never plastic!)
  • Soldered, never glued

Product Information

All earwires are surgical steel taht is plated iwth a minimum of 9 mls of gold. There is NO NICKEL used in the plating process so the earwires are certified nickel-free. The gold tone fishish is a tarnish resistant 18K gold finish over brass, the silver tone finish is a tarnish resistant rhodium over brass and the copper finish is a rose gold over brass. All stones are semi-precious and glass beads, natural materials and genuine Austria Crystal is also used to accent Silver Forest Jewelry.

Three color process are used in the finishing of Silver Forest Jewelry. They are: The ceramic color process which is a heat baked color process which creates depth to each piece. The colors are opaque and because the finish is baked, the ceramic will lst longer than other paint processes. It is important to note that there will be slight color variations in the jewelry due to the different textures on the metal.

The patina finish, also known as oxidized brass is the second process. This treatment creates a speeding of the oxidation of hte metal and each piece of metal reacts differently to the treatment. This is the beauty of the patina and no two pieces will ever look exactly alike.

The third color process is a hand-painted color wash. The wash medium is a special formulation containing acrylic and lacquer which creates a very durable translucent finish. This color process is used to reveal the textre of the metal and have a sueded silk appearance.

Russian Blue Lustre Jewelry

  • Crystallized with Swarovski Crystals
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 100% Nickel Free
  • Rhodium


We carry a different selection at any given time but since the jewelry sells fast, the selection is changed out every few months, we may need to special order the piece that you are interested in. The great news? Every single piece is 50% off!

Jody Coyote

Selection (available at our Arnot Mall store)

Jody’s earrings are almost irresistible to our customers. The comment we hear most often is that there is “something for everyone”. Additionally, the selection changes on a regular basis (partly because they sell or quickly and partly because Jody’s designs are changed on a regular basis). Earrings run from $10. - $25. so it’s a reasonably-priced way to spark up an outfit….or say “I was thinking about you” to a friend.

History of Jody Coyote Jewelry

“Jody Coyote started in the 1970s with a single booth at the local Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon. With unique designs and a passion for quality, Jody’s jewelry caught on quickly both in the local community and beyond. In 1981, Jody Coyote was officially incorporated and began developing special techniques to manufacture and distribute Jody’s handcrafted designs on a braoder, national scale. By the early 19902, Jody Coyote’s distinctive styling and popular designs could be found in more than 1500 independent boutiques and department stores nationwide. Today, Jody Coyote embraces a legacy of high quality, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and unique, free-spirited design.” Jewelry is manufactured from their headquarters, still in Eugene, Oregon.

Who is Jody Coyote?

“Jody has a larger-than-life presence in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where some say she lives a carefree existence amidst the tall forests, windswept beaches, and crystal-clean deserts of Oregon. Charged with creative enthusiasm, Jody adds her magic to the simple elegance of the jewelry that bears her name. Her mystique has an irresistible pull to those who hear the call, and is sustained by an ever-growing base of loyal and devoted customers.”

Lions and Tigers and Bears….oh my….

The above mentioned lines are just four of the lines that we carry at The Christmas House but other names include….well…it changes to quickly that we can’t even tell you all of the variety! Always something new….always something funky….always something unexpected. That’s what you’ll find when you stop by either of our locations.