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Plan a Party with Us

Plan a Party with Us

You send the invitations and provide the refreshments… We’ll do the cleaning!!!

We’re thrilled that you are considering having a party with us. Here’s how it works. You invite 20, 30 or 40 (the more the merrier) folks to join you for a night of shopping fun at The Christmas House. Parties usually start at either 5:00pm or 5:30pm and last for a couple of root-tootin’, party-loving hours.

Your guests will receive a night out (with mahvelous company, dahling), a free ornament, the chance to win a door prize, and samples of your (or someone’s) good cooking.

As a host/hostess, you receive:

  • a gift certificate for 10% of the total paid orders that evening, including layaway deposits
  • a $5.00 gift certificate bonus for each party booked on the night of your party
  • for parties of 10 or more guests, a hostess receives a shopping spree gift certificates that provide 25% off your next shopping trip during that season (our regular exclusions apply).

Do you have a guest who can’t attend the night of your party? They are invited to shop up to one week prior to the party---they just need to let us know at the register (at either location) that you are to get the credit for their purchases.

Call us at 607–734–9547 to reserve your date!